South Park: The Stick of Truth

A decent RPG wrapped up in a grossly hilarious licence, South Park will be remembered more for its gags than its gameplay.


Key events

South Park: The Stick of Truth is out next week on Switch

Another one to add to your cart, man.

FeatureYour fondest Obsidian game memories

"My favourite was shooting Darcy in the bollocks."

Inside Obsidian: How RPG's greatest survivors kept the lights on

"They say the path to Hell is paved with good intentions."

FeatureRummaging through Obsidian's drawer of game ideas

Star Wars! Snow White! Prey 2! Warhammer 40K! "There's tons of them."

South Park: The Fractured But Whole lets you play as a girl

"We figured everyone's gonna pick it."

Obsidian "super excited" about new South Park game it isn't making

Has close to 200 people working on games.

FeatureYes, Obsidian really is making a MMO tank game

Don't panic, though: "It's not a permanent shift."

FeatureSouth Park: It all started with a suspected prank call

A remarkable collaboration, as told by Obsidian.

Matt Stone: South Park The Stick of Truth censorship "not that big a deal"

But, "it does feel like a double standard, a little bit."

PodcastPodcast S2E9: Cheaper Xbox Ones, South Park and thank yous

Which incidental details in games do you remember?

South Park: The Stick of Truth censored in Europe

Ubisoft: "this was a market decision."

South Park: The Stick of Truth achievements list leaks

Rewards for joining the KKK, farting on people.

South Park: The Stick of Truth does not use Uplay

It's a Steam game, Obsidian confirms.

South Park RPG release date tweaked to 7th March

Arriving on a disc, not a Cartman.

What will Obsidian's second Kickstarter project be?

Feargus Urquhart teases ideas and a spring reveal.

South Park takes on next-gen console war and wins

"...because that's how Xbox people are."

South Park: The Stick of Truth delayed to 2014

But, detailed seven minute gameplay video softens blow.

South Park: The Stick of Truth dated for December

Grand Wizard Edition detailed.

THQ is no more. This is where its assets went

UPDATE: Platinum Games is interested in Darksiders.

EA eyes THQ's game IP as struggling publisher goes to auction

Saints Row, Company of Heroes, Dawn of War to be sold off "title by title".

FeatureActual New Games of 2013

More wonder, more awe.

THQ in talks with a potential financial sponsor but threat of liquidation remains

CFO quits, agreement with bank extends to Jan 2013.

Metro: Last Light and Company of Heroes 2 due in March

South Park: The Stick of Truth pushed back to Q2 2013.

South Park: The Stick of Truth gets Xbox 360 exclusivity

Xbox 360 pre-order bonuses, timed DLC exclusivity and Kinect functionality also in-bound. Also: release date!

THQ delays South Park: The Game, ditches Devil's Third

Reveals Saints Row, UFC sales, Company of Heroes 2 post-launch DLC.

Redundancies at Obsidian, next-gen project axed - report

South Park team also said to impacted.

THQ denies cancelling 2014 line-up of games

But Warhammer 40K MMO future less certain.

Freshly laid South Park: The Game screenshots

Parker and Stone-written RPG from Fallout: New Vegas dev.

Fallout: New Vegas dev: some RPG advances "undermine" thrill of exploration

Avellone on journals, quest compasses and auto-maps.

Obsidian's South Park RPG detailed

Uses Dungeon Siege 3 engine, Parker and Stone writing script.

Fallout: New Vegas dev announces South Park RPG

Potty-mouthed adventure on PS3, Xbox 360 next year.