Sniper Elite

Sniper Elite

Sniper Elite

We knew we'd get around to TIGA's Game of the Year in the end.

When you've got 497,593 World War II games to compete against, it's hard to get anyone's attention, never mind a genre-fatigued reviewer currently unphased by the gurgling death of his nine-millionth fictional Nazi. And when they're buried under a mountain of games that would make Roman Abramovich's pile of cash seem trifling by comparison, it's even more of a task. But! As luck would have it, just when we thought we'd cleared the backlog of unreviewed titles Rebellion's Sniper Elite crawled from the wreckage, its hand stretched out in a last desperate act pleading for one last chance. "I've just won an award!" it sobbed. "I won the TIGA Game of the Year. I'm good! You'll like me!"

In the midst of the now-traditional two-month long videogame release famine, even previously ignored World War II games deserve a chance, especially British-developed ones that have just won unexpected recognition from their fellow developers.

And having chipped through all 28 taxing sniper-based missions, we can see why. It's different. It's doesn't follow the same path as all the other me-too fodder, and delights in giving you the chance to play it as gung-ho or as carefully as you want. We like that.

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Ubi signs Sniper Elite

Out in the autumn.

Ubisoft has signed up to publish Sniper Elite for PC, PS2 and Xbox in the UK. Screenshots are available here.