Sniper Elite V2


ReviewSniper Elite V2 Review

Heer today, gone tomorrow. UPDATE: now with impressions of PC-only deathmatch mode.

VideoSniper Elite V2 trailer loads up

Slow-motion bullet firing due in May.

VideoNew Sniper Elite V2 Killcam of the week video

Boom, wait for it, wait, headshot!

Key events

Wii U Sniper Elite V2 lacks online play and DLC

Publisher quiet after customers complain.

Sniper Elite V2 on Wii U official

GamePad enables "even greater tactical depth and flexibility".

New Rebellion PC game out on 14th Feb, but what is it?

UPDATE: Rebellion tells me it's to do with Sniper Elite.

UK Top 40: Sniper Elite V2 secures second week top

PS3-exclusive Starhawk nestles in 17th.

UK Top 40: Sniper Elite V2 lines up first place

Prototype 2 shot down to second.

ReviewSniper Elite V2 Review

Heer today, gone tomorrow. UPDATE: now with impressions of PC-only deathmatch mode.

VideoSniper Elite V2 trailer loads up

Slow-motion bullet firing due in May.

Rebellion desperately wants to make Sniper Elite 3

For next Xbox and PlayStation 4?

VideoNew Sniper Elite V2 Killcam of the week video

Boom, wait for it, wait, headshot!

Rebellion explains Sniper Elite V2 Assassinate Hitler DLC

"I suppose it's deliberately controversial."

VideoSniper Elite V2 trailer shoots new Killcam of the week

Explosive new footage from the upcoming stealth fighter.

VideoSniper Elite V2 video blasts Killcam of the week

Long-range shooter fires out the headshots.

VideoSniper Elite V2 developer walkthrough trailer

British dev Rebellion lines up.

Rebellion: gamers are ready for WWII revival

"A breath of fresh air" compared to modern shooters.

VideoSniper Elite V2 footage fires in

Rebellion's inglorious long-range shooter.

VideoFirst Sniper Elite V2 teaser

Nazis get it in the neck.

First Sniper Elite V2 screenshot

COD beater? It's a long shot.

Sniper Elite V2 announced for 2012

Rebellion developing, 505 publishing.