The Sly Trilogy News

First shots of the Sly Cooper film due 2016

UPDATE: And now the first trailer!

The Sly Trilogy PlayStation Vita port spotted

Cooper trooping onto Sony's handheld?

The Sly Trilogy coming to PSN

HD platformers available individually, or as one.

Sony buys inFamous dev Sucker Punch

Bigs up 2011 PlayStation exclusives.

Sly Cooper 4 teased

Video found in The Sly Trilogy.

The Sly Trilogy gets UK date

Did someone say Gran Turismo?

No Euro date for Sly Collection

US gets firm November launch.

Entire PS3 Sly Collection will have 3D

As well as new Move mini-games.

More Sony HD Collections coming

Reaction to GOW Collection sealed deal.

Sly Collection detailed, out in autumn

HD, 3D bits, PS Move mini-games.

Sly Cooper Collection sighted at E3

PS2 games brought under PS3 roof?