Slender: The Arrival Videos

VideoWatch: Johnny and Aoife play Slender: The Arrival

In the latest episode of Late to the Party.

I've been aware of Slender Man as a character and as a meme for a long time now, but I've never really bothered exploring any of his video game incarnations; mostly because I don't fare very well with horror games.

VideoVideo: Halloween spooktacular

Streaming special taking you from 5pm through to the witching hours.

Happy Halloween! Or, if you're not American, happy day of being quite bewildered at why everyone's in fancy dress and spending the night with the lights off in the hope that the local children don't come knocking asking for sweets!

VideoSee the new Slender in action here from 5pm GMT

UPDATE: Postponed due to technical difficulties!

UPDATE: Due to some technical difficulties we're going to have to postpone this live-stream. Sorry! We'll return to Slender: The Arrival in the near future. And I promise this hasn't been cancelled simply because Ian's too scared.