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Skulls of the Shogun: Bone-A-Fide Edition launches next week on Steam

Skulls of the Shogun: Bone-A-Fide Edition launches next week on Steam

Adds four new stages to single-player and six to multiplayer.

Critically-acclaimed turn-based strategy game Skulls of the Shogun will be coming to PC via Steam on 29th July with its enhanced Bone-A-Fide edition, developer 17-Bit has announced.

This spruced up version the the game adds four new stages set after the original game's ending, as well as six new multiplayer levels and the new teleporting Tanuki unit type.

Skulls of the Shogun: Bone-A-Fide Edition will cost 11.99 /$14.99 upon release, but you can get it for 20 per cent off at $9.59 / $11.99 - as well as sample it now - if you buy the Early Access version of it prior to launch.

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Skulls of the Shogun review

Skulls of the Shogun review

Intelligent systems.

Skulls of the Shogun originally released this January on Xbox 360 and Windows 8 devices, and to celebrate its arrival on Steam we're republishing our original review.

You expect turn-based games to be tactical, but don't you hope they'll be tactile as well? I find it hard to play Advance Wars without pleasant day-dreamy thoughts of putting those chunky little tanks, soldiers and snub-nosed bombers away in a battered wooden chest afterwards, where their bright paint and die-cast bodies would be safe from the iniquities lavished by pets. Equally, I absolutely know that, as an eight-year-old, I would have stored my XCOM troops in a cereal box base with a door and a handful of windows punched in the front.

I can't imagine a safe place to keep Oni from Skulls of the Shogun, however. Like the rest of cast, I suspect he'd be made from sheets of thick, deckle-edged card and stamped with grainy ink in a handful of simple colours. He's too combustibly violent to be contained by mere paper or wood, though, too wilful to lurk inside Tupperware without gnawing a hole through the plastic. Whether you're playing Skulls on the telly or the touchscreen of a Windows Phone, you'll be glad there's an impenetrable barrier between the two of you. Oni's fun, but he's frequently a terrifying kind of fun.

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Skulls of the Shogun Preview: Turn-Based Terror

FeatureSkulls of the Shogun Preview: Turn-Based Terror

Hands on with the spooky heir to Advance Wars.

Firstly, it's really pretty.

"When I saw Wind Waker back in the early 2000s, I was just blown away," says Jake Kazdal, the creative director and art director at 17-Bit, and one of just a handful of men behind Skulls of the Shogun. "I was working in Japan and I was just stunned by how awesome Wind Waker looked. I asked people what that look was, and they said, 'Oh, it's based on this old children's anime from the '60s.'

"Back before the limited frame anime, it was full-blown Disney quality animation for children, and they'd do these huge summer movies for the kids. They were basically adventure movies for little boys: Aladdin, Treasure Island, that sort of thing. That's what Wind Waker totally took its look from. When I started Skulls, I wanted to get better at that look, so I did a ton of studies, tore it apart, and just had to have it in the game. Simple shapes, bright colours, simple values."

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Skulls of the Shogun to feature cross-platform play

First Xbox 360 game with asynchronous multiplayer.

Upcoming turn-based strategy title Skulls of the Shogun will feature cross-platform play across Xbox 360, Windows 8 PCs, Windows Phone and Windows 8 tablets like the Surface, developer 17-Bit - formerly Haunted Temple Studios - has announced.