No new content for SKATE

Forget extra trainers and decks.

EA has confirmed to Eurogamer that it will not be offering any downloadable content for SKATE in the future.



Down with the sickness.

The fact that the Tony Hawk series has been running for almost a decade now has really changed the world's perception of what an extreme sports game should be. During that time, we've seen others try in vain to edge into the market, but somehow, even the best of these (like Aggressive Inline) failed to draw people away from the annual Hawkstravaganza. But now it's time for somebody (well, a company of somebodies) to step up and change the rules. Curiously, it falls to what many see as one of the most by-the-book publishers out there.

Whereas the Tony Hawk franchise churns out arcade games loosely based on skating, EA's latest shot at toppling the market leader is skating. With the likes of Fight Night, NHL and Def Jam, EA has tried to shoehorn analog control into a good deal of its output with varying degrees of success, but for the first time here, we find something that lends itself to the mechanic perfectly. Pulling down on the right stick makes your skater crouch down in preparation for an ollie, and then a swift flick upward sends you soaring. Altering the direction of your upstroke and adjusting your weight distribution on the board before you leap triggers the various flip tricks, with some of the more complex ones being a real challenge to master - just as they would be in real life, naturally. Chuck in the triggers for grabs and you've got the vert basics down, but with a little experimentation, there's a staggering amount of variety offered by this seemingly limiting move pool.

Grinds and manuals are also handled extremely differently to Neversoft's series, and without a designated button for grinding it becomes all about the approach and your initial ollie. Also absent is any kind of balance meter, but as long as you still have momentum, you'll seldom bail out of a grind or manual unless you hit something.

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Skate, MOH demos soon

EA reckons next week.

EA has told Eurogamer that Live Marketplace demos for Skate and Medal of Honor: Airborne are likely to go up next week.

EA dates SKATE

360 in Sept, PS3 in Oct.

EA has turned its cap around and stamped an official release date on its answer to Tony Hawk, SKATE.


Eyes on the Hawk.

There's no skirting around the issue here. As jetlagged producer Jay Balmer demos Skate to us and talks us through it, he compares absolutely every part to the Tony Hawk series. It'd be impossible to get around the fact that it's their competition and we're grateful he doesn't try. So are Mr. Hawk's days numbered? After a good play of the latest build, if it hadn't been for Project 8 pulling the licence back from its sharp nosedive we'd have to say yes.

EA gets its SKATEs on

Official: on PS3 and 360.

Electronic Arts has officially unveiled SKATE - its attempt to break Activision's stranglehold on the skateboarding sub-genre.