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FeatureStalker in tweed: Exploring Sir, You Are Being Hunted

Tea, biscuits and imminent death in Big Robot's tense stealth game.

They got me in Royal Fitchet in the end. It was between this little cluster of scruffy houses and the thin high street of Odd Bottom on-the-end that the pipe-smoking robots first appeared, marching in an unbroken line over a soggy horizon and sending me running for cold shelter, past a placard politely requesting passers-by to 'Please Drive Slowly' where the letters 'r' and 'v' had ominously dropped off. A couple of angry cracks of rifle fire later and I was left bleeding out in the shadow of Fitchet's war memorial, thinking I should have swallowed down a spoonful of marmalade when I had the chance.

That was fun! Rezzed 2: Rezzed Harder is over, and thanks to everyone who made it to Birmingham's NEC Arena for two quite incredible days. It's a testament to the developers, organisers and those who came that Rezzed remains one of the most refreshing game shows around, even if I do say so myself.