Singularity Features

You may remember Singularity as the game Activision wanted to forget. Developed by Raven Software - formerly the creators of Heretic, Soldier of Fortune, and Jedi Outcast - Singularity was released in 2010 with minimal fanfare. It received mostly respectable reviews but sold poorly, in no small part because Activision kicked it out of the door with so little support it made Universal Credit look like winning the lottery.

FeatureE3: Singularity

Rifty business.

If you've received your education exclusively by playing videogames - and what better education is there, Professor Kirby? - you'd be forgiven for thinking that shadowy soviet experiments almost always end in disaster. In the real world, Russia was launching dogs into happy orbit (granted, where they then expired) long before the US was capable of creating a rocket that did anything other than wobble uncertainly towards the sky at a strangely rakish angle before crash-landing into the forecourt of a nearby KFC.