SingStar Pop Hits News

SingStar backwards compatibility arrives

SingStar PS3 to work with PS2 discs Tues.

Three Speech has just reported the news that all Singstar fans wanted to hear: full backwards compatibility for Singstar PS3 arrives tomorrow.

PS2 songs in PS3 SingStar clarified

Won't involve ripping to hard disk.

MTV Multiplayer has clarified that the SingStar disc-swapping feature announced by Sony Europe boss David Reeves last night won't allow you to rip songs to the hard disk.

Pop Hits track list confirmed

Pop Hits track list confirmed

Another SingStar list arrives.

Gurgling mouth wash this morning was Sony, who has finally belted out the full SingStar Pop Hits track listing into our appreciative faces.

You already know that you can expect to be singing along to Baby One More Time by Britney Spears, who's currently going a bit off the rails, as well as screech in time to the likes of U2, Jamelia and Scissor Sisters when the game is released in Europe in April.

However, what you didn't know, unless you're a bit psychic, is that Lily Allen, Corinne Bailey Rae, Jennifer Lopez, and a host of other pop-warblers are also included. So, given that, you might want to eyeball this list:

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SingStar pops off again

Old days Britney, U2, more.

Off to Voicelab this weekend? Or are you just going to drop it into conversation occasionally so people will think you listen to Radio 4? Either way, doing so will get you in good shape for the PlayStation 2's April release of SingStar Pop Hits.