Sin and Punishment: Successor of the Skies News

Sin & Punishment, Ikaruga dev creating 3DS exclusive

Japanese studio Treasure is working on a new project for Nintendo 3DS, the developer has announced.

"We are making a new game on Nintendo 3DS now. Not multiplatform, but exclusive to 3DS," Treasure boss Masato Maegawa told GamesTM magazine (via Nintendo Life).

The creation will be an "action" title, Maegawa teased.

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Iwata reflects on N64 dev challenges

Official translation of S&P Iwata Asks.

Nintendo has published an official translation of its "Iwata Asks" feature about Sin & Punishment 2, in which president Satoru Iwata and men from Treasure discuss how bats*** difficult it was to make anything work on the N64.

Hardcore will "pay attention" to Wii soon

Dunaway says tide will turn next year.

Nintendo US almost-boss Cammie Dunaway reckons hardcore gamers will sit up and take notice of the Wii next year, as the "breadth of offerings" will increase to cover plenty of audiences.