The Sims 3 Videos

VideoThe Sims 3: Supernatural trailer gets spooky

Werewolves! Vampires! Witches! Wands!

VideoNew Sims 3 expansion Showtime trailer

Be David Copperfield! Michael Jackson!

VideoThe Sims 3 meets Herman Cain vid

US politics parodied.

VideoSims 3: Generations expansion footage

Parties! Pranks! Mid-life crises!

VideoThe Sims 3 vid parodies The Hangover

Sims 3: Generations out this week.

VideoSims 3 video spoofs Royal Wedding

Generations add-on gears up for launch.

VideoSims 3 launches Fast Lane Stuff pack

New vehicles and items now available.

VideoThe Sims 3 goes out late

Booze and schmooze your way around town.

VideoSims 3 coming to consoles

EA's life 3.0 makes its way to the living room.