The Sims 2 - Open For Business Reviews

The Sims 2: Open For Business

Oh-ho. I see what they've done here. Creating a game about working for the only group of workers in my line of sight (I'm sitting opposite a mirror) who actually enjoy waking up in the morning. Very clever! And they would have gotten away with it too, but I just punched myself in the face and remembered I think Open For Business is good anyway and if there's any wool in front of my eyes it's only because I was in the north of England yesterday and feel asleep and was probably attacked by a sheep. I hate sheep. Stupid feet.

Anyway, this is the third expansion for the second in EA's never-endingly popular Sims series, and adds a surprisingly significant chunk of new game, allowing you to start a business (either as an extension of your home or on a community lot) and use it to augment or even replace your regular job income. As part of this you get to manage staff and feel more directly responsibility for your sims' finances, you gain new skills and perks, and of course you gain access to a great range of new items (125 in total).

Unfortunately things don't begin too brightly, as for some reason Maxis' usual measure of what's intuitive is a bit off centre, and so you'll find yourself getting confused over how to call staff to work once you've hired them, what to do about the clientele when it gets to closing time, why customers in the little shop attached to your house keep popping into the rest of it and watching TV, and other fiddly things like how to restock and the way the game uses a flippable 'open/closed' sign to manually control business hours.

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