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5th May 2006

2005 UK Sales Review

17th November 2005

The Sims 2

21st March 2005

The Sims 2 University

22nd September 2004

The Sims 2

The Sims to go online again?

EA admits multiplayer is an option.

In an interview with the Times Online, Nancy Smith, head of EA's Sims Division, has admitted that the monster PC franchise could become a multiplayer game... again.

FeatureThe History of The Sims

Tiny happy people.

The Sims is 10 years old this week! To celebrate, we're dusting off our long look back at the series from the start of 2008, prior to the release of The Sims 3. For the full picture, make sure to check out our more recent reviews of The Sims 3 and The Sims 3: World Adventures. What's "happy birthday" in simlish?

Will Wright will become the first videogame "celebrity" to be awarded the Fellowship BAFTA; joining the ranks of recognised and household names like Dame Judi Dench, Alfred Hitchcock and Steven Spielberg.

Sims 2 plays dress-up

H&M gets dedicated add-on.

EA has released a themed expansion pack for The Sims 2 with branding from clothes empire H&M, is reporting.

2005 UK Sales Review

Feature2005 UK Sales Review

Part Three: PC, Xbox 360, and the year ahead.

Concluding our coverage of Chart-Track's annual report, today Kristan picks his way through the PC market, the burgeoning Xbox 360 market, and any other markets he can find. He was round here the other day admiring fish and everything. Multi-Market Reed we used to call him. I'm not saying he's promiscuous though. He is, but I'm not saying that. All data (and trout) from Chart-Track's annual report. Used with permission. And in Fisherman's Pies.

Personally concerned

The steady decline of the PC software market was in evidence once again in 2005, with the total market share (by value) of all PC software (including non-games packages from the likes of Norton) representing just 24.6 per cent. By contrast, back in 1999, this figure was a whopping 41 per cent, although the actual money spent by consumers has remained roughly unchanged since that time (299.188m in 2005, versus 290.316m in 1999, when you were clearly a bit stingier). Compared to last year, sales are down from their all-time value peak of 310.856m, which is a curious statistic when you consider that the actual installed base of PCs across the country has never been higher, broadband penetration has been soaring and prices of PCs are at rock bottom.

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The Sims 2

The Sims 2

A life more ordinary (than the PC original).

The Sims 2 is the type of game that defies easy classification. Part god sim, part RPG, it's a digital dollhouse in which you attend to the needs and wants of your Sims, maintaining their happiness and health by encouraging them to interact with an environment you can incrementally improve. As so much of your time is spent ordering a Sim to perform chores to maintain their wellbeing - particularly cleaning, cooking, ablutions and bathroom breaks - the challenge is, broadly speaking, time management. If you plan your Sim's day-to-day activities carefully, topping up meters as required, you gain little windows of opportunity where you can experiment with new items, forge new relationships with other Sims, or work on enhancing skill levels.

At this point, there's something we should set straight: cast all thoughts of the PC incarnation of Sims 2 from your mind right now. This isn't a conversion per se, but rather a console-specific interpretation of a markedly more sophisticated original release. It's a "lite" version with the basic form and functions of its PC peer, but palpably less substance, sans the extra features (particularly the concept of raising families), mods and expansion packs.

Perhaps acknowledging that the abridged feature list renders The Sims 2 a less beguiling prospect as a freeform toyset, the console versions introduce Story Mode. In this, you can unlock (and immediately take up residence in) new houses, and switch control to specific Sims in order to fulfil their desires. You can still play at your own pace and ignore periodic prompts to fulfil task A, B, C or D, but the addition of specific goals introduces an element of structure. The alternative Freeplay mode is a more traditional, open-ended Sims sandbox that enables you to create a group of Sims, pick or build a dwelling for them to live in, and then play as you please. The difference between the two is that, while Story Mode dangles carrots from sticks for you to chase, Freeplay offers an entire field of them to pick (almost) as you please. The latter can feel aimless and flat as a consequence.

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Sims 2 is ruder than GTA

Says US videogame critic.

US attorney Jack Thompson has taken time out from his busy schedule of condemning the makers of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and

The Sims 2

The Sims 2

If this game is to believed, we'll make really rubbish parents...

Version Reviewed

PC (exclusive)


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FeatureThe Sims 2

A step on the path to an interactive sitcom, according to Maxis' Neil Young, as he demonstrates his Sim Fawlty Towers scenario and more to the Edinburgh Games Festival.