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FeatureSilent Hill 4: Two Guys In A Room

We sit down for a slightly disturbing chat with Silent Hill 4's chief designer Masashi Tsuboyama and producer Akira Yamaoka to find out if they're really as strange as the game suggests...

Is there a more freaked out series in gaming than Silent Hill? It's the game where you've lost before you've even begun, sending you on mostly hopeless quests to find the muddled truth of your deranged state of mind. Nothing is ever the way it seems, but as confusing as that might be, most of the compulsion to carry on is trying to work out what on earth it all means. With the fourth in the series having already been released in Japan (complete with English language version included as standard), we were in the unusual position of having completed the game before we got to chat with chief designer Masashi Tsuboyama and producer Akira Yamaoka. But given that The Room hasn't been as well received in Europe as the previous three titles in the series, we were curious to get to the bottom of the dramatic change of direction.