Silent Hill HD Collection News

Silent Hill and Bloodborne receive Unreal Engine 4 fan tributes

UPDATE: Silent Hill stage now available to download.

Silent Hill HD Collection patch canned for Xbox 360

"Due to technical issues and resources."

Silent Hill HD Collection finally gets PS3 patch

Unfinished port code fixed at last.

Silent Hill HD Collection ported from unfinished code

As nonsensical as a Silent Hill puzzle.

Konami to patch Silent Hill HD, Downpour

Publisher answers negative fan feedback.

Japan chart: 3DS sales spike thanks to new Kingdom Hearts

While Silent Hill HD Collection, Little King's Story Vita tank.

UK Top 40: Ridge Racer Unbounded crashes into 21st place

FIFA Street still top while Tiger Woods 13 swings third.

Konami confirms Silent Hill release dates

Downpour, HD Collection, Book of Memories due in March.

Silent Hill HD Collection delayed

Konami announces new March release window.

Konami dishes out Silent Hill release dates

Downpour, HD Collection, Book of Memories.

Voice actor defends Silent Hill 2 HD

"If you want to hate it, that's fine."