Silent Hill 4: The Room


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It's looking pretty spooky.

Avary talks Silent Hill movie

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Review | Silent Hill 4: The Room

Konami's latest slice of horror relocates to South Ashfield, but that doesn't make for a catchy title does it?

Feature | Silent Hill 4: Two Guys In A Room

We sit down for a slightly disturbing chat with Silent Hill 4's chief designer Masashi Tsuboyama and producer Akira Yamaoka to find out if they're really as strange as the game suggests...

Review | Silent Hill 4: The Room

South Ashfield: The Room didn't really have the same ring to it, so Konami decided to cheat and hoped we wouldn't notice...

Feature | Silent Hill 4: The Room

Konami's claustrophobic PS2/Xbox survival horror title is unveiled.