The Silent Age

The Silent Age review

The Silent Age review

Disco stew.

Stylish and simple, there's much to recommend in this free episodic point-and-click game from Danish indie studio House on Fire. An elegantly constructed time-hopping adventure, its only weakness is a fondness for puzzles that are just a little too easy.

You start the game as Joe, a hapless janitor working in a shady government installation in 1972. After performing a few mundane tasks, you're sent to clean up the basement laboratory where things take a darker turn. There's blood all over the floor and a dying man hiding in a locked room. With his last breath, the man insists he's from the future and implores you to find his younger self and prevent him from travelling through time in the first place. Apparently the fate of mankind itself is at stake. With that, he hands you a tiny handheld device and dies.

It's a neat premise, leaving the player with a clear long-term goal but little idea of what it actually means. We're never allowed to run ahead of Joe as the story unfolds at its own tightly controlled pace, with only occasional bursts of exposition and several subtle clues dropped in your path as you concentrate on more immediate problems: escaping from buildings, opening locked doors, finding where our mystery man lives and repairing a broken down ambulance to reach him.

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