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Last week, Firaxis released Rise and Fall, the first major expansion pack for Civilization 6. It comes with all the usual new features - some new mechanics, buildings, several more historically significant leaders, and so on. But it also brought some smaller, under-the-radar changes - one of which in particular has had a mixed reaction from fans.

Civilization 6 was only released last year on desktop computers but has already - as of today - landed on iPad! Understandably you'll need a newish iPad in order to play - either an iPad Air 2, iPad 2017 or any iPad Pro.

Firaxis says expansion packs continue to be the best fit for Civilization and XCOM

Earlier this month, Take-Two interactive chairman and CEO Strauss Zelnick told investors to expect "recurrent consumer spending" to be a key part of every game the company published.

"It may not always be an online model," said Zelnick, "it probably won't always be a virtual currency model, but there will be some ability to engage in an ongoing basis with our titles after release across the board.

"That's a sea change in our business. Recurrent consumer spending is 42 per cent of our net bookings in the quarter. It's been transformative for us."

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Civilization 6's first big expansion is called Rise and Fall

Firaxis has announced the first big expansion for strategy game Civilization 6.

It's called Rise and Fall, it costs 24.99 and it's out 8th February 2018.

The fancy trailer, below, shows poor old Sean Bean, Civilization 6's narrator, die once again, this time from some bastard plague. Civilization 6 trailer fans will remember poor old Sean Bean bit the dust in the main game's video. He doesn't have much luck, does poor old Sean Bean.

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Civilization 6's big religion-improving autumn update is now live

Firaxis' big new autumn update (or Fall Update, if you must) for Civilization 6 is live and available to download now.

Its main focus is on overhauling the way that religion works, and it aims to make the religious path a more enjoyable, tenable approach to winning the game. To that end, the update adds new religious units, two new Pantheons, and new Founder, Follower, Enhancer, and Worship Beliefs. The latter unlock the ability to build a new medieval land combat unit, the Warrior Monk, and there's also a new Guru religious support unit, which can heal other units.

As part of a broader series of religion-based improvements, all religious units now move on their own layer (similar to Trade Units and Spies), and a new 'Condemn Heretic' unit action has been introduced, enabling military units to eliminate religious units in their tile. Additionally, religious units now exert Zone of Control and receive Flank and Support bonuses in religious combat.

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Big Civilization 6 update reboots religion

Firaxis has announced the next big update for strategy game Civilization 6, and it reboots the religion part of the game.

While Civ 6 includes religion as a victory condition, it's one of the lesser fleshed-out strategies. The update, planned for release this autumn, adds new beliefs and religious units.

Two new Pantheons will be added as well as new Founder, Follower, Enhancer and Worship Beliefs. These beliefs unlock the ability to build two new buildings as well as a new combat unit, the Warrior Monk.

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Civilization 6 finally adds a restart button

History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon.

The Summer 2017 patch for Civilization 6 is now available, alongside the Nubia DLC. While the update includes necessary bug fixes, there is also a new feature which fans have been requesting for some time - a restart button.

Best-selling Steam games of 2016 revealed

Mix of old and new, big and small.

Happy New Year! Valve has revealed the top 100 best selling games on Steam in 2016. And given the size and dominance of Steam in the desktop gaming marketplace, the results are worth noting.

Civilization 6's first update tackles wonky AI

Firaxis has released the first update for Civilization 6 - and it tackles one of the biggest complaints about the game.

I've been playing Civilization 6 and enjoying it a lot, but one of its problems is the wonky AI. Specifically, the AI always seems to denounce you, whatever your approach, and you end up in a lot of wars. Wars lead to hate, hate leads to suffering, and suffering leads to warmongering penalties, which can be tricky to deal with.

Here's the interesting balance change I'd like to highlight:

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