Ship Simulator 2006

Ship Simulator 2006

Ship Simulator 2006

A life on the ocean waves. Minus the waves and the ocean.

Read this short fairy-tale then tell me if it makes any sense:

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, lived a farmer called Bill. One day, when Bill was attending the livestock market in his local town, a hooded stranger grabbed him by the arm and said: "You sir, are a very lucky man. In this basket, I've got a goose than lays golden eggs. It's yours for the measly sum of one guinea." Bill, being a trusting soul, bought the goose, and discovered, during the months that followed, that the man hadn't lied.

A year later a considerably wealthier Bill was back at the market and once again he got waylaid by the stranger. "Hello my friend. Interested in buying this magic chicken? It lays eggs of pure silver." Once again Bill bought the animal and discovered that the sales pitch had been true. Twelve months later (Don't worry, we're nearly done) Bill returns to the market and, surprise-surprise, he bumps into the fowl merchant. "This year I've got a couple of lovely specimens for you. A duck that produces silver eggs, and a peacock that produces gold ones." This time Bill shakes his head "No thanks. To be honest I've only come to market this year to get shot of my magic chicken." The End.

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