Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable


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Persona 3 Portable EU release date

Persona 3 Portable EU release date

Out at the end of the month.

Persona 3 Portable, the PlayStation Portable version of the PlayStation 2 Japanese role-playing game, launches in Europe on 29th April.

The Atlus-created title is published by Ghostlight. A PlayStation Network download version is also expected.

The Collector's Edition includes a 48-page hardback art book, an A3 poster, a slipcase and other gubbins.

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Persona 3 PSP special edition detailed

RPG sequel finally hits European shelves.

Forthcoming PSP RPG Persona 3 Portable is getting a handsome Collector's Edition when it launches next month, publisher Ghostlight has announced.

Persona 3 Portable confirmed for Europe

PSP Japanese role-playing game Persona 3 Portable will release in Europe this year.

The Atlus-created title will be published by Ghostlight, which confirmed on its website that there will be a boxed version including "some Collector's Edition type goodies".

"And - for the environmentally conscious among you - we'll also be releasing a PSN download version."

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Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable

Shown to a steadily flagging and slightly nonplussed audience at E3, Sony's new PSP marketing campaign focused on the portable's library of "full-sized" games, as a sleepy-eyed office worker talked up his 40-hour progress in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. If Sony wanted to make it all about the numbers, Persona 3 Portable might have been an even better shout; an already hefty runtime has been doubled with the addition of a female-fronted campaign, multiplying the replay value of a game that had plenty in the first place. The hour tally could easily reach three figures here.

Describing Persona 3 Portable as "half dating sim, half randomly-generated-dungeon-crawler" wouldn't be entirely inaccurate, nor would it come close to communicating the appeal of this terrific RPG. By day, you're sitting through lectures, chatting to schoolmates and flirting with girls; at night, you spend your time ascending the terrifying tower of Tartarus, offing demons called Shadows in turn-based battles. Again, that might sound about as appetising to the majority as an Uwe Boll double-bill, but Atlus has worked a minor miracle in not only making these seemingly disparate elements fun, but in skilfully placing them in an interdependent relationship that makes both sides feel equally important.

The game is essentially built around the Social Links you make with your schoolmates. Talk to someone during lunch and they'll usually ask if you want to meet up after school. Listen to their problems, offer sympathetic responses and your relationship with them may improve. Each key NPC - of which there are over 20 - is represented by a tarot card, which increases in power the stronger your ties to them.

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