Shift 2: Unleashed Videos

Digital FoundrySHIFT 2 Unleashed: Helmet Cam

SHIFT 2's helmet cam viewpoint explored across three circuits.

VideoShift 2 footage for Speed Hunters DLC

New pack for 17th May, priced 800 Points.

VideoEurogamer races Shift 2 for real

Bertie meets airfield meets drifting.

Digital FoundryShift 2 PS3/360 Face-Off

Comparison video of this Slightly Mad racer.

Digital FoundryShift 2 360/PS3 Performance Analysis

A Slightly Mad look at the game's perf stats.

VideoShift 2: Unleashed time attack trailer

With more corners than a Müller yoghurt.

VideoShift 2: Unleashed Autolog trailer

Need for Speed's new in-car nation.

VideoShift 2 trailer gears up for launch

Out on April fuels day.

VideoShift 2 trailer shows one hot lap

In-game, in-car gameplay.

VideoShift 2 trailer shows off its curves

Got to find the perfect bend.

VideoShift 2 trailer shows Autolog upgrades

Tracks drifting angles, speed, smoke.

VideoHow realistic is Shift 2: Unleashed?

Slightly Mad hosts a show and tell.

VideoNew Shift 2 trailer leaves garage

EA shows off Career Mode.

VideoEA show a glimpse of Shift 2 gameplay

Now dated 24th March for Europe.

VideoNFS Shift 2 Unleashed reveal trailer

The next Need for Speed teased.