Shenmue III News

Shenmue 3 backer demo plans revealed

UPDATE: Arriving "beginning this weekend".

Shenmue 3 dev is listening to fan "concerns" about Epic Game Store exclusivity

"We kindly ask all our fans to have some patience."

Shenmue 3 delayed to November

For "a little more refinement".

Shenmue 3 finally gets a release date

Plus an all-new look at Yu Suzuki's return.

Sega confirms Shenmue remasters are finally happening

Both games arriving in a single package later this year.

Retro-bit's Sega deal has us fantasising about a Dreamcast mini

Or a Saturn mini, or even a Mega Drive mini.

Shenmue 3 now has a publisher

Pieces of silver.

Don't expect to see Shenmue 3 any time soon

Ys Net's crowdfunded sequel to skip E3.

Shenmue 3 gets new screenshots, looks good

PC pre-orders now open too.

Sega explains why Shenmue remakes haven't happened yet

"We haven't given it a green light, but it has our full attention."

Shenmue 3 is already looking pretty awesome

New screens and new gameplay revealed at Monaco conference.

Yu Suzuki offers a new look at Shenmue 3

Story will take in chapters 5 'past 6' of original 11 chapter story.

Shenmue 3 breaks Kickstarter funding record

Campaign nears $6m with 12 hours to go.

Brothers pledge $20K towards Shenmue 3 to spotlight underprivileged Chinese school

"We feel that this pledge will lead to more exposure."

Shenmue's english language voice actor reprises his role as Ryo

Will leave you a voice message for $1K.

Yu Suzuki wants $10 million to make a truly open world Shenmue 3

And Shu Yoshida details Sony's involvement with the game.

Troll creates fake Shenmue 3 Indiegogo campaign

UPDATE: Pulled. Well done everyone.

Kickstarter campaign launches for Shenmue 3

UPDATE: Sony confirms its role in helping bring Yu Suzuki's project to life.