Shaun White Snowboarding News

Ubisoft has confirmed that two of its most recent PC releases have gone on sale in shops without any form of digital rights management software (DRM).

Shaun White Snowboarding for DS, PSP

Plus: Ubisoft dates console versions.

Ubisoft has expanded the stable of Shaun White Snowboarding games to include DS and PSP versions. Both will be released here on 14th November, alongside Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii versions.

"First of its kind" online for Shaun White

Ubi hypes multiplayer antics on the slopes.

Ubisoft's first serious crack at extreme sports will boast online play that's "the first of its kind as far as snowboarding games go" - that's according to Shaun White Snowboarding art director Scott Mitchell, who's been bigging up his title to Eurogamer.