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EA Indie Bundle spotted on Steam

Implausibly titled pack to include Shank 2, Warp, more.

UPDATE: An official Steam listing has now popped up. You can pick up the lot for your local equivalent of $20.98 - that's a 70 per cent saving.

EA announces Shank 2 for early 2012

EA announces Shank 2 for early 2012

Stylish side-scroller back for more.

A sequel to last year's stylish side-scrolling kill 'em up Shank arrives on PC, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade in early 2012, publisher EA has announced.

Original developer Klei Entertianment returns, with the game's titular hero leaping back into the fray when the lives of his loved ones come under threat.

Details on exactly what it offers over and above the original are currently thin on the ground, but it seems the big new addition this time out is a new arcade-style co-op survival mode.

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Shank dev attacks Summer of Arcade

"Spread it out so everyone can win."

The developer behind EA's downloadable sidescroller Shank has raised concerns that Xbox Live's annual Summer of Arcade promotion is making it hard for indie developers to succeed on the platform.

Shank and MotorStorm 3D in PSN update

Shank and MotorStorm 3D in PSN update

Plus MAG "Persistent Beta" and more.

Sony has updated the PlayStation Store with a range of treats including Shank, MotorStorm 3D Rift and a new "Persistent Beta client" for MAG.

Klei Entertainment's Shank, published by EA, came out on Xbox Live Arcade yesterday as well and costs 9.99 / 12.99 on PSN. You run around a vibrant 2D world killing people, which is alright with us.

MotorStorm 3D Rift, meanwhile, allows you to play 10 of Pacific Rift's tracks in 3D if you have the equipment. It's a free trial but then you need to fork over a tenner.

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