Shadow Complex

PEGI lists Shadow Complex Remastered for PC

PEGI lists Shadow Complex Remastered for PC

UPDATE: Announced and available now on PC, also coming to PS4, Xbox One.

UPDATE 4/12/15 3.25am Shadow Complex Remastered has been officially announced at The Game Awards 2015, confirming the earlier ratings board leak.

The new version of the game will launch for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in early 2016.

However - you can download it now for free on PC via

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Chair talks Infinity Blade 2, iPhone 4S

Plus, a message for Shadow Complex fans.

The impending follow-up to Epic's acclaimed iOS hit Infinity Blade is bigger, bolder and more ambitious than the original, so says developer Chair Entertainment.

Chair clarifies Shadow Complex 2 talk

Potential publisher being sought.

Epic's Cliff Bleszinski took some time out from Gears 3 promo duties this weekend to discuss a sequel to acclaimed XBLA platformer Shadow Complex.

Epic: "we will never be a publisher"

Will make games "for the foreseeable".

Epic Games, creator of the Gears of War series and the Unreal Engine, will never become a publisher, despite some believing it is the next natural step for the company.

MGS hints at more Shadow Complex

Jobs going on Natal, 343 teams too.

Microsoft is seeking talented people to bolster the Natal team at MGS and help "drive the success of Gears of War and Shadow Complex".

XBLA can't handle games over 2GB

Microsoft clarifies as rulebook retires.

Microsoft may overlook the size of most Xbox Live Arcade games today, but the company says there is a 2GB limit the system inherently cannot break.

Microsoft: We are digi distribution leader

Releases stats from Summer of Arcade.

Microsoft reckons that it's king of the hill when it comes to downloadable games, following a period that saw a 200 per cent boost in sales compared to last summer.

Shadow Complex

Shadow Complex

There's something following me.

Ever dropped a stone into a hole to find out how deep it goes? Had Jason Fleming done so while peering into the overgrown hollow that marks the start of Shadow Complex, no splash would have echoed back. This opening, into which his girlfriend descended not two minutes earlier, is the mouth of an abyss; a rabbit hole that will lead him unwittingly into an underground military complex, the role of would-be national saviour and the belly of one of gaming's long lost genres. By the time he re-emerges, triple-jumping into the sun, you'll have mapped tens of miles of subterranean corridors, thwarted a plot to blow up San Francisco and seen Jason Fleming transformed from country-bumpkin into cyber-ninja.

Shadow Complex is Super Metroid re-imagined by J.J.Abrams. Its story is pulp thriller, throwing an ordinary Joe into extraordinary circumstances under which he stiffens implausibly into a one-man army. Fleming is an all-American action hero, hurling grenades and missiles with thoughtless abandon one moment; creeping death through ventilation shafts in search of his snatched girlfriend the next. "You don't look like the kind of guy who'd pull the trigger," challenges one enemy he meets. Two seconds later, as Fleming steps over a puddle of warm, Unreal Engine-pumped blood, you can almost hear Mark Rein in the background, fist-pumping the air to chants of: "USA! USA!"

But for all its Hollywood bombast, Shadow Complex is born from nothing but the purest of Japanese pedigrees. For once the Super Metroid reference isn't a lazy critic's crutch. Epic Games has always declared its intention to resurrect the classic 2D side-scrolling exploration game, once popularized by Nintendo's seminal space adventure, later perfected by Konami's Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. So while Shadow Complex's story and setting may be popcorn nonsense, the mechanics they clothe are golden.

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