Die Siedler 7

New DLC announced for The Settlers 7

New DLC announced for The Settlers 7

Plus, new patch adds co-op mode.

A new DLC pack is now available for PC RTS sequel The Settlers 7, publisher Ubisoft has announced.

Titled The Two Kings, it's priced at 3.99 and adds three new multiplayer maps.

Tower Island sees four factions facing off against each other around the Tower of Tandria, access to which offers players a strategic advantage. Distances between you and your opponents are short, so you'll need to keep an eye on your defences.

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Ubisoft defends risky PC DRM plan

Gives "added value", "enriches gaming".

The number one goal of Ubisoft's new PC anti-piracy solution will be to "provide added value" and "enrich the gaming experience", according to Ubisoft.