The Settlers

The Settlers

The Settlers

Don't settle for this.

Deep down, I think we all knew this wasn't going to end well. Multiple console versions of the venerable resource management game (spawned on the Amiga, popularised on PC) were promised as far back as 2002 yet never actually materialised. Eventually only the DS version remained, and even that slithered around the release schedule like the last fingernail-sized remnant of soap in a large bath. And then even that quietly vanished from retailer websites, finally emerging into the daylight as a GAME exclusive.

Certainly not the sort of treatment usually dished out to games that are actually, you know, good.

Such a beleaguered history has sorely tested the patience of those who fell in love with the series way back when, in the era of the Amiga and DOS, but most remained faithful. The DS port was, after all, based on Settlers II, widely heralded as the series highpoint and a game of the just the right vintage for the DS treatment.

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