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Sensible World Of Soccer

Sensible World Of Soccer

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Sensible Soccer completely redefined football games when it first burst onto the Commodore Amiga scene back in 1992. Jon Hare, Chris Yates and co. took the top-down viewpoint of Kick-Off, zoomed the viewpoint out a touch and came up with a fast, flowing and intuitive take on footy that was instantly playable, yet full of hidden depths. Its eventual evolution into Sensible World of Soccer took that depth even further via a succession of tweaks to the gameplay and a hugely absorbing management element. It was a heady combination, and by the 96/97 version, Sensible had refined it to a point where it was pretty much as good as it could get.

By then, the Amiga market was as good as dead as a commercial platform, and the PlayStation revolution ushered gaming (and the genre itself) into the third dimension. With Sensible hopelessly unprepared to make the transition to the new consoles - or 3D techniques in general - two poorly received versions of Sensible Soccer appeared before the company was eventually disbanded and its IP sold off to Codemasters.

Meanwhile, EA's FIFA completely captured the market, closely following by Konami with its ISS series, which then itself evolved into Pro Evolution - a situation which remains today, despite the fact that neither series appears capable of delivering on its potential, leaving many footy fans hankering after a game which could deliver on the fast-paced purity of the mid-90s SWOS titles. Sadly, despite having rich promise and some great ideas, Sensible Soccer 2006 arrived on the PS2, Xbox and PC pretty much an unfinished product. Another comeback thereafter seemed unlikely.

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SWOS for XBLA fixed

The ghost of Christmas past.

Those of you still lost in the whirlwind of Christmas will be glad to know Codemasters Online Gaming has fixed issues with Sensible World of Soccer on Xbox Live.

SWOS pulled from Live Arcade

Codies working to fix bug.

Sensible World of Soccer was released on Xbox Live Arcade earlier - and then taken back down again after it became apparent it was horribly broken.

SWOS/Tempest XBLA tomorrow

Ambush! Pew pew pew!

Microsoft has confirmed that Sensible World of Soccer will be released on Xbox Live Arcade tomorrow and revealed that it will be joined by Tempest.

Sensible Soccer XBLA dated

Out just before Christmas.

Sources close to Codemasters have revealed that Sensible World of Soccer will be available on 19th December, just in time for Christmas.

Where on earth is Sensible World Of Soccer? It's certainly not on Xbox Live Arcade. We wanted to know why - given how good it looked when we played it, and how sure Codemasters seemed about a summer launch - so we had a chat with Codemasters Online Gaming's Jim Brown. Here's what he had to say!

Codies quiet on SWOS date

But still expected this year.

Codemasters has kept its football-like lips closed about the release date of Sensible World of Soccer on Xbox Live Arcade.

Sensi XBLA priced, out in summer

Codies confirms details.

Sensible World Of Soccer will be hitting Xbox Live Arcade later this summer, Codemasters confirmed to Eurogamer today, and you'll be asked to pay 800 Microsoft points (GBP 6.80 / EUR 9.30) for the privilege of taking it home. So to speak.

Sensible World of Soccer 96/97

First hands-on and a chat with Jon Hare.

The past can be such a sullied, thankless place to go and visit, especially during a blazing hot day in June. If you're not already minging with clammy anticipation, by the end of the experience you're spitting feathers with unquenched nostalgia, wondering how the passage of time could be so remorselessly disrespectful to our memories.

SWOS coming to PC

"Later in the year" says Codies.

90s Amiga classic Sensible World of Soccer is coming to the PC, Codemasters has confirmed.