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First Sensible Soccer mobile details revealed

First Sensible Soccer mobile details revealed

Tube journeys will never be the same again...

As Sensible Soccer's long-overdue rebirth continues apace, Tower Studios and Kuju Entertainment have revealed the first tantalising details of the mobile phone version of the all-time footy classic.

Due for release at the end of this month, it was confirmed yesterday that the conversion will sport "all the original features that made Sensible Soccer such a massive hit with the press and public alike", including a choice of over 50 International teams, individual player skills for over 800 players, team tactics and squad selection (series 60 only), customisable friendlies, cups and leagues, yellow cards, red cards, and injuries, "fast, frenetic football action" and "the most sublime, intuitive and playable control system".

Not being ardent mobile gamers (we love our GBAs, sorry), we're not entirely sure how you'll actually be able to buy the game, or even how much it will cost. We do know you need a Java enabled handset, but that's about it. We're a bit rubbish at these things, but in this case we'll endeavour to find out. Anyway; good news, no? We'd be even more excited if they brought it out on GBA...

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