Sega Casino

Sega Casino

Sega Casino

How did they not think of calling it Segas? The fools.

Here's why casinos are so great: Every time you hear some outlandish conspiratorial theory about one business or another, it's invariably so much nonsense, but with casinos, there's a fair chance it's true.

The reason being, people who run casinos want lots of money, and heck, if it might work, why not give it a try? So when you hear about the Vegas casino that's designed to allow no visage of natural sunlight within so people gamble for longer, it's really doing it. And if someone's told you that they're releasing a particular odour through the air conditioning because it supposedly encourages spending, believe it. Does the lack of sun keep you there? Does a smell change your behaviour? Who knows - but as far as the casino's concerned, who cares? If there's a sliver of a chance of its working, then boys, do it. Once you're done smashing the kneecaps out of that lucky chancer.

Here's why Sega Casino is not great: It's not a casino.

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SEGA takes a gamble

On new casino game for DS.

Calling all poker fiends, blackjack buffs and, er, people who like roulette - SEGA has announced plans to release a brand new casino game for the Nintendo DS.