Scooby Doo! Who's Watching Who

Scooby Doo: Who's Watching Who?

The plot for this, the ninety trillionth Scooby Doo game to slip past you unnoticed, finds the integrity of the Scooby Gang challenged by snooty rival mystery solvers GSI (Ghost Scene Investigators). This hi-tech group believes that using an anthropomorphic Great Dane to find clues is sub-par detective work, as they rely on the far more down-to-earth services of a robot cat. Clearly the Hanna Barbera universe isn't big enough for two dubiously qualified supernatural investigators, and thus the gauntlet is thrown down for a televised spook-off, with both teams trying to solve a bunch of mysteries and find favour with the viewing public.

Quite honestly, my first impressions of Who's Watching Who bordered on giddy excitement. As the story begins, Scooby gets to wander around the scenery, and conversations can be initiated by standing next to characters. For one glorious fleeting moment, it looked like someone had finally wised up to the rather obvious notion of doing a Scooby game in the style of Phoenix Wright. In other words, a game in which you actually have to solve a mystery by exploring and talking, rather than jumping over crates.


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