From the unmakers of sense.

This, the creators claim, is the most co-op game ever made. It's a bold ejaculation, but one that could well be true. I suspect if I rummaged around in my headbox I'd be able to think of a few games that might challenge the statement, but I'll be generous and allow them their moment of self-proclaimed glory.

In concept Schizoid is a mash-up between the top-down mayhem of Gauntlet, the colour-coded gameplay of Ikaruga, and the lyrics of Phil Collins that gave us the wonderful, and biologically unlikely, image of two hearts beating in just one mind.

Now, you may need to concentrate for this bit. There are two spaceships sealed in a top-down maze, one blue and one red. There are lots of alien enemies, also blue and red. If the blue spaceship touches a red alien, you lose a life. If it touches a blue alien, the alien explodes. And the reverse is true of the red ship. Straight away, you can see how this dynamic forces you to work together. Blue player clears red aliens that can harm the red player, while the red player clears the blue aliens that can hurt the blue player. As you're playing from a shared pool of lives, teamwork is absolutely essential if you want to progress through the 120 levels.

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Microsoft bolsters XNA offering

Publishes four community games.

Microsoft has announced the winners of its Dream-Build-Play competition, and handed out publishing contracts to four community XNA-built games.