Samurai Warriors: State of War

Samurai Warriors: State of War

Samurai Warriors: State of War

A very civil war.

"State of War?" Like there's ever been any other kind of state in a Samurai Warriors game? Samurai Warriors: Permanent Ceasefire - now that would be something to sit up and take notice of. But that's never going to happen, and frankly we wouldn't want it to. The idea of six million unemployed soldiers sitting around polishing their choppers doesn't really appeal. And so the war goes on, now spilling over onto PSP screens.

Followers of the series will know what to expect: frantic battles set on the barren plains of old civil war Japan. The game is split into two sections: the Strategy Phase and the Action Phase. The Strategy Phase presents each scenario as a tactical map, with each square colour-coded according to whether it's under the control of allied or enemy forces. Movement around the map is restricted to preset paths, and these are often blocked by water or enemy defences. Entering an enemy square moves you on to the Action Phase.

Not surprisingly, this is where it all happens. The job demanded of you and your men varies depending on the type of square you've entered. A generic slab of featureless occupied territory may simply require a certain number of enemies to be slain within 60 seconds in order to take control and advance, while the invasion of an enemy stronghold could see you taking out all the generals to tip the balance of power in your favour.

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