Saints Row: The Third Videos

VideoSaints Row: The Third DLC footage

Trouble With Clones expansion out this week.

VideoSaints Row: The Third Bloodsucker DLC trailer

Bite for your life in THQ's vampire expansion.

VideoSaints Row: The Third DLC packs revealed in trailer

Bling Shotgun! Z Style Suit! M2 Grenade Launcher!

Digital FoundrySaints Row: The Third 360/PC Comparison Video

Microsoft console versus the PC at max settings.

Digital FoundrySaints Row: The Third PS3/PC Comparison Video

Volition's latest compared on console and PC.

Digital FoundrySaints Row: The Third Gameplay Performance Video

Major differences between the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions.

Digital FoundrySaints Row: The Third 360/PS3 V-Sync Comparison Video

Gameplay comparison with both games running with v-sync active.

Digital FoundrySaints Row: The Third Cutscene Performance Video

Double-buffer vs. triple-buffer v-sync comparisons.

VideoSaints Row: The Third motorbike trailer

Professor Genki in zombie-killing bike stunt jump.

VideoSaints Row: The Third does a barrel roll trailer

Wing walk in the potty-mouthed open-world.

VideoLatest Saints Row: The Third video

THQ shows off its 'Pimps and Gimps'.

VideoBonkers live-action Saints Row: The Third trailer

Starring cat scientist Professor Genki.

VideoFresh Saints Row: The Third trailer

It's a Battlefield out there.

VideoSaints Row: The Third new gang vid

Deckers gang! Cyberspace! Cyberdemon!

VideoMore Saints Row: The Third footage

Meet luchador The Walking Death.

VideoSaints Row: The Third in-air gameplay

Parachuting gun battles shown.

VideoSaints Row: The Third trailer detailed

Dev highlights video easter eggs.

VideoSaints Row: The Third bonus trailer

Pre-order to get Professor Genki.

Video7 minutes of Saint's Row footage

Tanks! Stealth bombers! Dildo bat!

VideoSaints Row: The Third cinematic trailer

Slow-mo fighting! Stealth bomber! Twins!