Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell Reviews

Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell review

Remember when Saints Row was all about colour-coded street gangs? How long ago it seems, with bombing through the netherworld in Gat Out of Hell now a natural enough progression from alien invasions and virtual reality shooting galleries. If there's a problem with the setting, it's that it's far too grand for a game perched right between DLC and full release, and much of the potential is almost inevitably left on the table - some bits more unfortunately than others.

The premise is typically fine Saints Row insanity, with the President/Boss/Emperor/Etc. falling afoul of a ouija board that sucks them into Hell, where Satan plans to marry them off to his daughter Jezebel. Walking apocalypse Johnny Gat and team hacker Kinzie Kensington give chase, him to 'put one in Satan's head' and her because, well, it's her birthday and she really wants to go. Soon, both are in the city of New Hades, on a quest to get the Boss back by both raising and razing Hell. "It kinda reminds me of Steelport," Kinzie comments - and that sums things up pretty well. As bizarre as the new location is in theory, most of this new adventure is extremely familiar throughout.


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