Saints Row 2 News

Cancelled Saints Row PSP game unearthed

Canned Saints Row: Undercover to be live-streamed next week.

Saints Row: The Cooler was a motion-controlled brawler spin-off

Kinect and Move game canned by THQ in 2010.

The Humble Bundle goes daily for a fortnight

Re-introduces the Deep Silver Bundle at an even cheaper price.

Pay what you want for Saints Row: The Third in the Humble Deep Silver Bundle

UPDATE: Metro 2033, Sacred Citadel, and Risen added.

Lara Croft: Guardian of Light, Saints Row 2 free on PlayStation Plus

Instant Game Collection gets fortnightly update.

More Saints Row, Darksiders in 2011

THQ producing more de Blob too.

GOD welcomes LEGO Indy, Saints Row 2

Plus: Winter Sports demo on Live.

Free Saints Row 2 fashion DLC today

T-shirts and tattoos in third and final release.

Darksiders, Saints Row, Guerrilla sequels

THQ reportedly blabs to investors.

Saints Row getting three DLC packs

Starting with Ultor Exposed in April.

50 Cent to make Saints Row movie

And maybe a Blood on the Sand tie-in.

US to get Saints Row 2 PC in 2009

No word yet on European release date.

UK chart: PES dispenses with FIFA

Saints Row 2 features. Top 40 inside.

NYPD condemns Saints Row 2

Reckons it makes you depraved and that.

Gun-shaped box for Saints Row 2

360-exclusive with golden bullet USB key.

Tera Patrick working on Saints Row 2

Porn star to be "special producer".

Saints Row 2 "very differentiated"

On a different path to GTA, says THQ.

THQ ignores analyst's pomposity accusation

GTA IV parody video under fire.

Saint Row 2 to get PC offering

It can't refuse, brrap.

Saints Row 2 delayed to October

Needs more polish before hitting the streets.

Saints Row 2 gets release date

It's out this summer worldwide.

Saints Row team not fazed by GTA IV

Eurogamer not able to spell.

Saints Row 2 officially unveiled

Online co-op, darker story, yo.