Rust News

Rust developer warns "large amount of data" lost in devastating server blaze

UPDATE: "Total loss of the affected EU servers" now confirmed.

Rust Console Edition gets new trailer and closed beta

You can join right now... if you're lucky.

A rating for the console release of Rust has just popped up on the ESRB website

Citing blood and violence, it receives an "M" rating.

Rust won't launch on console this year after all

Now arriving "a little later than planned".

Steam launches official developer-run Item Stores

UPDATE: Will allow devs to sell user-made content, split proceeds with modders.

Rust dev announces "tennis crossed with Street Fighter" prototype Deuce

Another project from the Riftlight, GMod studio.

Rust dev angers fans by announcing new prototype Riftlight

UPDATE: Only 0.04 per cent of Rust's income went to other projects.

Rust sells 1m

"Guess what just happened to Rust :0"

Rust dev reveals spectacular sales success

Has already made 55 per cent of what GMod made in nine years.