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FeatureThe story of Rust

How Garry Newman's team went from mod success to early-access phenomenon.

Garry Newman doesn't really dress things up. You'd likely have guessed that much from the name of the game that earned him his fortune. Garry's Mod, the sandbox created from Valve's Source engine that has supported Newman for coming up to a decade, is a brilliantly blunt bit of titling. That much you'd also get from a brief phone conversation with him one sunny Tuesday morning, his flat West Midlands firmly placing him in his Walsall base. It's an office still reeling from the shock of the success of Rust, Newman and the team at Facepunch's first public-facing offering since Garry's Mod. He's got a wonderful knack of stumbling into phenomenons, has Newman.

FeatureWatch us play early access hit Rust

Twitch stream of the sandbox survival game starts at 1pm UK time.

In 2014, it's pretty much de rigueur to be playing games that aren't finished yet. Steam early access was already a thing, of course, but now it's a thing, with the runaway success of the standalone version of DayZ accompanied by other bonafide unfinished hits like Starbound - and Rust.