RuneScape News

Runescape is 20 years old today

Raise a toast, Sandwich Lady.

Almost two decades after launch, RuneScape is heading to Steam

Out in October, Old School RuneScape due next year.

RuneScape players say Twitter's bitcoin scam looks familiar

"I learned not to fall for this when I was seven."

Old School RuneScape has entered public beta testing on Android

iOS version expected "later in the summer".

Jagex is shutting down RuneScape Classic after 17 years

"Due to the growing risk of unrecoverable game breaking bugs".

Codemasters boss Rod Cousens leaves for Runescape developer

As UK studio readies F1 2015 for PS4 and Xbox One.

Runescape player swatted in front of 60K Twitch viewers

"I had police point a gun at my little brothers because of you."

You can donate your Runescape virtual gold to real world charity

Video game Well of Goodwill to benefit GamesAid, SpecialEffect, more.

RuneScape 3 attracts over 300,000 new players

Over 100,000 former players re-activate their accounts.

Jagex hopes to have RuneScape on tablets by the end of the year

"Would easily be the most ambitious game ever put on tablet, right?"

RuneScape Evolution of Combat expansion enters beta

"The biggest changes we've ever made," promises Jagex.

RuneScape's combat system being "completely redesigned"

"Will fundamentally change the way people play and view RS forever."

Runescape dev: physical games retail will disappear within 10 years

"The writing has been on the wall for quite some time."

Jagex reopening RuneScape Classic today

Contains before and after pictures.

RuneScape Clan Citadels expansion today

"The envy of the MMO world."

RuneScape user-made content coming

Clan Citadels have sandbox battlefields.

RuneScape "Jagex Account" email a scam

Phony website will Phish your details.

RuneFest 2011 dates, prices, details

Jagex's answer to BlizzCon.

RunesCape Veteran Cape: Jagex responds

Was the free-to-play community misled?

RuneScape referendum restores content

Historic - hope they had the Cameron.

Jagex has third MMO in development

Besides RuneScape, besides Stellar Dawn.

Blizzard "probably very arrogant" - Jagex

"Perhaps even over-self-assured."

UK tax situation "sucks" - Ninja Theory

"It scares me," adds Jagex CEO.

Free Realms is "insipid" - Jagex

No "joie de vivre", says RuneScape boss.

RuneFest tickets on sale on Saturday

August fan event costs 80 to attend.

Jagex to hold RuneScape convention

RuneFest 2010 to hit London in August.

Jagex gives Jon Hare top job

Sensible Soccer, now RuneScape.

Gold sellers steal accounts - Blizzard

WOW operator explains hard-line stance.

Dutch court convicts teens of virtual theft

RuneScape robbers get community service.

FunOrb targeting "every demographic"

Jagex casual site with you lot in mind.

Buying MMO gold is like funding prostitution

Says Runescape - but bigwig has solution.