Rune Raiders

App of the Day: Rune Raiders

App of the Day: Rune Raiders

Blocksing clever.

I remember, as a lad, playing Ultima IV on the Master System. After a few weeks I was so totally one with the game that its visuals - the little sprites with maybe two animations - ceased to be. I didn't see fields and mountains, goblins and dragons; there were just good squares, bad squares, and my square. All 8-bit RPGs had this feel, like they were somehow built on top of graph paper.

Rune Raiders is a fresh idea, but you suspect its makers had that somewhere in mind. Each of its levels is six squares across, and scrolls vertically as you move a team of chunky little tiles up towards monsters. You can pick up to six adventurers each time, from a total of 12, and though everything's fantasy-styled there's more panache and wit in Rune Raiders than its name suggests.

Every character's attack works in a different manner, a helpful template of which pops up when you press on them, and if it's possible to attack they'll do so at the end of each turn's moves. The same rules apply to the enemies. Initially it's a bit of a romp, as your tight little rectangle batters through orcs and sidesteps minotaurs, but soon enemies start to appear with devastating AOE attacks or moves that can mess up your formation.

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