Runaway: The Dream of the Turtle

Runaway: The Dream of the Turtle

A rather belated follow up to the highly praised 2003 point-and-clicker, Runaway: A Road Adventure, the unfortunately titled Dream of the Turtle flies in the face of gaming convention by changing pretty much everything from the original. For those who missed it, the original Runaway told the story of Brian Brasco, a geeky New York college student who crosses paths with Gina, a mysterious woman being pursued by the Mafia. As the title suggests, they had to run away. It was pretty good, all things considered.

We rejoin our heroes as they vacation in Hawaii, until a mishap during a sightseeing flight forces Gina to bail out over an island. Crash landing in the jungle, Brian sets about finding her - a task which soon expands to include a larger plot involving the obligatory mysterious military men, scientists and civilians who'll only help you out after you've carried out a string of errands. Oh, and there's an alcoholic lemur. Trust me, this is important.

In keeping with the more laidback location, Brian has received a makeover - his spectacles and shirt have been replaced with a shaggy dude hairdo and skate-chic clothing. The storyline - which revolves around ancient relics and military skulduggery - is almost entirely separate from the original, and the cast members that return do so in a way that doesn't require any prior knowledge. Fans of the previous game may find themselves put off by the almost total switch in tone, but should newcomers feel a burning need to find out what happened previously, there's a handy animation accessible from the menu that recaps the events of the first game. Playing catch-up simply isn't a problem.

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