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Trends of 2012: Handheld Gaming

Things are exciting, frightening, and confusing.

2012 is going to be a fascinating year as far as handhelds are concerned. iOS continues to screw with the marketplace, for one thing, helping to democratise development while also redefining how much audiences expect to pay for a game. Meanwhile, the 3DS appears to have finally hit its stride - or has it? - and Sony's getting in on the action with the almost implausibly lavish Vita. Is there still enough room for everybody?

App of the Day: Run Roo Run

What a splendid bunch we gamers are when it comes to our furrier, more fragile friends in the animal kingdom. Lemmings? Not a lot going for them in the way of looks or career prospects to be honest, so might as well toy with their natural inclinations for the betterment of our entertainment. Not even the humble slab of super meat is safe from the excesses of our imaginations, and the less said about hedgehogs the better.

Next to step up to the dinner plate is Run Roo Run from 5th Cell, developer of Scribblenauts as well as last year's iOS release Scribblenauts Remix (and if you haven't sampled the delights of that particular game yet, consider it your second App of today).

Roo's on a transcontinental rescue mission across Australia, which on your iOS devices means a journey that starts with a single tap, one that sets off an unstoppable chain of events across each of the game's single-screen levels as he moves from the left-hand starting line to the finishing line at the other end.

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Scribblenauts dev announces Run Roo Run

Scribblenauts dev announces Run Roo Run

iOS "micro-platformer" out this week.

iOS "micro-platformer" Run Roo Run is the latest effort from Scribblenauts developer 5th Cell.

Due out on 12th January, it's an auto-run jumper that sees you attempting to make your way through over 400 single screen platforming stages.

As demonstrated in the trailer below, you'll need to make use of various environmental items and power-ups to do so.

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