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République gets a PS4 release date

République gets a PS4 release date

All five episodes to conclude next month.

Stealthy sci-fi adventure République is coming to PS4 on 25th March in Europe to coincide with the release of its fifth and final episode, Terminus.

Those playing on iOS, Android, Steam, or North American PS4s will be able to snag République's finale / full season on 22nd March.

République is the debut title of Seattle-based outfit Camoflaj, which is headed up by Metal Gear Solid 4 producer and Halo 4 creative director Ryan Payton. He even brought Metal Gear Solid voice acting veterans David Hayter and Jennifer Hale along with him.

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République Remastered release date set this month for PC and Mac

République Remastered, the enhanced PC and Mac version of Camouflaj's episodic stealth series, is due on 26th February, the developer has announced.

République is the brainchild of Metal Gear Solid 4 producer Ryan Payton, who successfully Kickstarted the series in 2012 where it raised over $555K.

This new version rebuilds all the original mobile game's assets in Unity 5. "Ever since we committed to doing a desktop version of République, we've been haunted by the task for delivering something truly special for PC players," said Payton. "When we got a glimpse at the next iteration of Unity we realized that this was the answer - beyond redesigning the game's controls and UI for desktop, we've completely gutted all the game's art, rebuilding everything using Unity 5's cutting-edge graphical features. The result is something you have to see to believe."

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Republique Episode 2: Metamorphosis review

When last we saw Hope, the plucky yet vulnerable star of Republique, she was scurrying around the city of Metamorphosis trying to evade a totalitarian regime. At the start of this second episode, she's still scurrying around, but things have evolved noticeably.

Metamorphosis is aptly named then, both in terms of Hope's story and the player experience. This chapter is all about transition and change, building brilliantly on the character work begun back in December as well as the solid gameplay mechanics developed by Camouflaj.

For those who didn't play Episode 1 (you can skip to play Episode 2 first, should you want to do that for some strange reason), this is a stealth game where you play as Hope's remote benefactor, hacking the security cameras which provide your view of the game world and telling her where to go and when it's safe to move. It remains a brilliant idea, making traditional stealth mechanics an organic part of the game's world and bringing the player into the fiction, as Hope communicates directly with the player, through the phone or tablet screen. It's both a controller and a window into the game.

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Republique: Episode 1 review

Republique: Episode 1 review

C'est fantastique.

Touchscreen stealth gaming. Yeah, I just got a little shiver down my spine as well. Stealth is one of those gameplay styles that is so hard to get right, and so maddening when it's wrong, that far too many games can't even pull it off when using the multiple precision inputs of a joypad. What sort of mad fool would attempt it on a touchscreen?

The mad fools at indie developer Camouflaj, for one. Except it turns out they're neither mad nor fools. They're actually kind of ingenious.

Republique is a stealth game, but it makes more than a few tweaks to the expected formula. Key among these is a small but important shift in context. You're not controlling Hope, the main character, but rather you are helping her remotely by hacking security cameras and other systems. Rather than trying to ignore the barrier of the touchscreen, the game embraces it and makes it part of the fiction. When Hope talks to you via her phone, she's talking directly to you, through the physical device you're using to assist her. Suddenly, the interface pulls you into the game rather than separating you from it, making it a first-person game unlike any other.

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Ryan Payton's Republique

From Metal Gear Solid to Halo to the App Store.

Last night Ryan Payton worked late. He and his team at independent developer Camouflaj were trying to work out how to get Republique, the £2.99 iOS stealth game, into the hands of the thousands who backed its successful (just!) Kickstarter. Payton discovered, as others have before him, that there's no easy way to do this. Eventually it dawned on him: the only solution is to manually send out codes. To thousands of expectant players. Some at Camouflaj cursed the Republique Kickstarter. "I don't know where we'd be without the Kickstarter, seriously," Payton countered.

First episode of Republique out 19th December

$5, three hours long, App Store-only for now.

The first episode of Republique - a dystopian stealth adventure featuring the voices of FemShep Jennifer Hale and Solid Snake David Hayter - will be released on Thursday, 19th December.