Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion

FeatureThe untold origin story of Creative Assembly

"I decided this kettle had to die."

A school gym in England, mid-'90s, and two local rugby players await orders. One is small and wide and called Adrian, and one is tall and weighs about 20 stone. He's Big Dave. Adrian has been getting flattened by Big Dave all day but he keeps getting back up. It's the rugby training in him: you bloody well get back up if you're knocked down. But this instinct is starting to annoy the people he's in the school gym for, the people making the sports game. They're trying to motion-capture for a rugby game and would rather Adrian lay still. They should be careful what they wish for.

The future of Total War

The problem with consoles hasn't been controllers, it's been power.

Eurogamer has spoken to Creative Assembly studio director Mike Simpson about the future of Total War. What new historical settings are under discussion? Will there be more remakes? What about consoles? Those questions, and more, are answered in the article below.

Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion

Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion

Less fashionable than Rome: Total War Barbie Invasion.

Total War's been reigning champion of the strategy game for the last five years. And, yes, it's been deposed twice, but only by its sequel. It does something that nothing else does even half as well, and at times seems to be the keeper of the progressive spirit for the whole damn genre. All true. But there's a question that nags me as I start to play this latest add-on.

Am I getting bored of it?

As I settled into the saddle of the horse I was born in, and consider the new options there's a half hour or so where there's a genuine sliver of worry. Sure, the game's as solid as ever – I wouldn't be able to slag it because I'd seen its tricks before in a review. In games, for me, love doesn't fade into loathing but respect. But it's still not love...

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SEGA signs Total War expansion

SEGA signs Total War expansion

Having already bought the dev.

Following the recent acquisition of development studio Creative Assembly, SEGA has announced that it's also secured the rights to publish the Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion expansion pack, previously down as an Activision title. You can see some screenshots here.

The storyline is set 200 years after the original game, when the last Emperor of a unified Rome has finally carked - leaving potential successors vying for power. Meanwhile, the barbarians are gathering along Rome's borders, preparing to pillage their way through the entire empire.

You can side with the barbarians or lead either the Western or Eastern empire armies into battle, and there are more than 100 new units to play with plus new buildings, ancillary characters, military commands, holy relics and vices and virtues.

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Rome: Total War exp pack

An add-on for the historical PC strategy game that's sort of like Time Commanders, but with less estate agents getting angry.

Development studio Creative Assembly is hard at work on an add-on for its top-selling historical epic Rome: Total War, according to PC Zone magazine.