Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis News

Rockstar hiring for "next-gen console" project

UPDATE: Rockstar removes "next-gen" reference.

Update: Rockstar appears to have removed the reference to next-gen consoles in its job advertisement, the original text of which is below. The advert now only mentions that candidates must have "the creative and technical knowledge to achieve the highest quality results within budget". Did Rockstar say too much?

Table Tennis demo today

It's been much-heralded...

We do hope you're not sick of being told it's coming soon, but the Rockstar Table Tennis demo is coming soon. Very soon. Wait, we've done that one too. Okay, how about: it's coming today.

Table Tennis demo very soon

Major Nelson gives it a 'bump'.

Those of you with - actually, you don't even need a long memory for this. Those of you capable of retaining any sort of fact will recall that a Rockstar Table Tennis demo is on the way to Xbox Live Marketplace. Well, there's an update: it's now due "very, very soon". Right.

Table Tennis demo soon

Plus: Rockstar mentality.

Rockstar's planning to release a demo of Table Tennis on Xbox Live Marketplace, according to lead designer Benjamin Johnson.

Rockstar's first next-gen game

Not what you might be expecting.

Rockstar has announced its first next-generation game - and if you're expecting yet another gritty action-adventure featuring lots of guns, gangsters and dead prostitutes, you're in for a shock.