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Let's face it - everything's better with friends, and this is a mantra Rocket League developer Psyonix has championed for some time. As one of the studios most vocally in favour of cross-platform play, Psyonix has actually already implemented the feature, which currently allows PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch players to game together (while PlayStation can still only play with PC - for now).

Rocket League's Season 9 starts next week

Adds free and premium Hot Wheels DLC.

Rocket League developer Psyonix has announced that the four-wheeled footie phenomenon will be ushering its ninth competitive season on Monday, September 24th.

Esport "killer games" aren't right for Olympics, says IOC

"We cannot have ... a game which is promoting violence."

Don't expect to see esports in the Olympic Games any time soon. International Olympic Committee president Thomas Bach believes the video games being played still promote violence and killing too much to be included.

Rocket League details its Fortnite-style Rocket Pass

Car football game Rocket League is getting its own version of Fortnite's Battle Pass, named the Rocket Pass.

It works in much the same way - developer Psyonix will sell a pass for each new in-game season of content released throughout the year. If you pay up you'll get extra cosmetic rewards as you play.

There's a free version of the Rocket Pass as well, which everyone gets. It includes customisation options, banners, titles and decryptors.

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Rocket League's summer-themed Salty Shores update launches next week

Rocket League's summer-themed Salty Shores update launches next week

New seaside arena, Beach Blast event, and more.

Developer Psyonix has revealed that Rocket League's sun-bleached, summer-themed Salty Shores update will launch on all platforms next Tuesday, May 29th.

Salty Shores' most notable addition is the new Salty Shores beachside arena, which sees Rocket League's frenzied multiplayer action play out upon golden sands beneath blazing blues skies. "As our sunniest map to date," says Psyonix, "Salty Shores should keep the good vibes going year-round as a permanent addition to all online playlist". You can get a blast of its summer-fresh, sea-salted air in the trailer below.

Salty Shore's sun-drenched aesthetic is paired with a suitably upbeat selection of new tunes from the Rocket League x Monstercat Vol. 3 EP in the new update - which also marks the start of Rocket League's Competitive Season 8, and the distribution of its Season 7 Rewards.

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Rocket League's massive spring Tournament Update is coming this April

Rocket League's massive spring Tournament Update is coming this April

With major Switch performance improvements.

Psyonix has announced that Rocket League's highly anticipated Tournament Update, which introduces a new Tournament Mode among other things, will launch on April 3rd.

It's due to arrive on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch, and includes a sizeable number of quality of life improvements and additions, alongside tournaments.

A fully fledged Tournament Mode was first touted last September, when Psyonix explained that it was "something we've wanted for Rocket League since our launch". In-game Tournaments, it said, would let players compete in competitions without ever needing to leave the game client.

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Psyonix unveils new Rocket League Spring dev road map, Tournament Mode now due April latest

UPDATE 14/2/18: Psyonix has announced that it will begin beta testing Rocket League's highly anticipated Tournament Mode on PC next Wednesday, February 21st.

Anyone with Rocket League on Steam can get involved in the beta; simply right-click the game in your library, select 'Properties, click the 'Betas' tab, and choose 'Tournaments Beta' from the drop-down list. More detailed instructions can be found on Psyonix's website.

The beta begins at 6pm in the UK / 10am PST on February 21st and runs until 1am February 24th in the UK / 5pm PST on February 23rd. The above teaser video offer the merest whiff of things to come in Rocket League's Tournament mode, designed for organised competitions.

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Rocket League's Autumn Update adds seasonal arena, new items, and a better spectator mode

Rocket League's Autumn Update adds seasonal arena, new items, and a better spectator mode

PC players to receive LAN support and a Tournaments mode beta.

Rocket League is getting a huge Autumn Update on all platforms come 28th September that will keep the esport evolving in a myriad of ways.

One of the most readily apparent additions will be seasonal arenas. This autumn we'll be getting a rural-themed map called Farmstead.

There will also be time-limited events, offering opportunities to snag nifty car customisations with over 90 free items being added to the mix.

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Switch Rocket League getting exclusive Mario, Luigi, Samus cars

The Switch version of Rocket League will have exclusive Mario, Luigi and Samus cars when it arrives this autumn.

The Mario and Luigi cars are identical but for a different predominant colour and logo. Which one you get depends on the Rocket League team you're on. Mario is for the Orange team, Luigi for the Blue.

Infinitely cooler is the Samus Gunship car inspired by the Metroid series of games. It looks like a cross between a Lamborghini and something out of Tron, all lowered and metallic and fierce, with glowing neon green wheels. Again, there's a different car colouring for each Rocket League team.

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Esports are coming to BBC Three

To Gfinity and beyond.

BBC Three has announced it will bring viewers four hours of live esports coverage every weekend for the next six weeks, in collaboration with BBC Sport.

Rocket League announced for Switch with cross-network play

Rocket League announced for Switch with cross-network play

UPDATE: Works with Xbox One and Steam - but not PS4.

UPDATE: 17.35pm: We've now heard confirmation of the platforms Rocket League will allow for cross-network play with: Xbox One, Windows 10 and Steam.

Just like Minecraft, PlayStation has seemingly not opted in to be included.

ORIGINAL STORY 17.20pm: Smash hit footballing cars game Rocket League is headed to Nintendo Switch later this year.

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Rocket League's second birthday update detailed

Rocket League's second birthday update detailed

Don't want to waste your shot.

Footballing car game Rocket League will celebrate its second birthday next month with some new freebies.

On 5th July, all players will get a new arena, Champions Field, for use in Competitive, Casual and Private matches.

Other new features include a new radio of music from record label Monstercat, two new Import Battle-Cars to find in the game's new Overdrive Crate and a range of new customisation options (some free, some crate drops).

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Best-selling Steam games of 2016 revealed

Mix of old and new, big and small.

Happy New Year! Valve has revealed the top 100 best selling games on Steam in 2016. And given the size and dominance of Steam in the desktop gaming marketplace, the results are worth noting.

Car football game Rocket League is getting a free underwater arena today called the Aquadome. It won't have you floating around in the water but in a kind of glass-domed arena under the sea. It's quite BioShocky.

Rocket League has raised $110m in sales

Rocket League has raised $110m in sales

Shifted 5m copies with 15m players.

Rocket League has clearly been a success, but we didn't know just how successful until now. According to a new report by Forbes, the vehicular spin on football has shifted 5m units and raised over $110m in sales.

That's on top of all the free-ish downloads it received during its PS4 premier where it was part of the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection during July 2015.

Developer Psyonix told Forbes that over 15m players have given Rocket League a go between PS4, PC and Xbox One.

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Rocket League's physical edition gets release date

Rocket League's Collector's Edition, the physical version of Psyonix' modern-day classic, has finally been dated, with Xbox One and PlayStation 4 getting discs and boxes to place on your shelves on June 24th, with a North American release following on July 5th.

The Collector's Edition comes courtesy of 505 Games, and includes all the expansions released to date alongside four new vehicles that will make their debut in the physical version.

Rocket League was one of the games of 2015, though it was far from an overnight success - and Psyonix outlined at GDC how it latest game proved more successful than its predecessor.

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Rocket League and Dying Light crossover content revealed

Rocket League teases basketball mode this month.

What do Rocket League and Dying Light have in common? They're both multiplatform and they both have cars. That's not much, but it's enough for the developers of both games to team up and introduce crossover content with one another.

Rocket League match mutators to arrive in free November update

Rocket League will gain match-modifying mutators via a free update next month, developer Psyonix has announced.

The football-meets-cars mashup will let you toggle on gameplay-changing settings such as low gravity, time warping and explosions.

Psyonix marketing boss Jeremy Dunham revealed the update today via the EU PlayStation blog, in a post that paid tribute to the classic home of mutators - Unreal Tournament.

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August PlayStation Plus games revealed

Rocket League out, Limbo (PS4) and God of War: Ascension in.

From 4th August there will be a new batch of free games for members of PlayStation Plus. The biggest are God of War: Ascension for PS3 and Limbo for PS4.

Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars is getting a PS4 sequel

Psyonix's PS3 hybrid of footy and driving, Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, is getting a PS4 sequel entitled Rocket League.

Due spring 2015, Rocket League is basically football (or soccer, depending on your part of the world), only played by cars zipping about the field using momentum and a host of tricky maneuvers to push the ball into their goal.

The focus seems to be on eight-player multiplayer - available both online and in local splitscreen - but Rocket League will also have a single-player campaign and plenty of customisation options.

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