Rocket Fox

App of the Day: Rocket Fox

App of the Day: Rocket Fox

Fantastic missile fox.

Most of us have had that jumping dream. You probably know the one. You're on the move, leaping into the air and watching the scenery rapidly approaching as you push through the open atmosphere, every subsequent jump a little higher, effortlessly bounding hundreds, then thousands of feet above ground. When you breach the stratosphere, it's almost as if time nearly stops for a moment at the apex: just before gravity furiously takes hold to commence re-entry.

It's a sensation I've felt in few games. How do you deal with falling? The tensing up factor that usually occurs may not be as strong in Rocket Fox, but regardless of its differing logistics (you ride rockets rather than jumping), it takes the basic idea and skilfully adapts it into a vertical platformer.

While exponentially springing towards the sky can be quite stressful in a dream-state, Rocket Fox is a bit more light-hearted. The story follows Guy (his sensei actually first refers to him as Guy Fox, take that as you will), a brash three-tailed fox who enjoys riding fireworks. He lives in an overwhelmingly cute cel-shaded world, with aesthetics that balance Wind Waker's whimsy and the Japanese feel of the Okami series.

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