Rock Band News

EA removing Rock Band iOS games next week

Apps and music downloads to be drowned out.

Rock Band iOS case highlights EA's digital EULA policy

Eurogamer unearths the buried small print.

Rock Band iOS "no longer playable" after 31st May

UPDATE: EA states "Rock Band will remain playable".

Harmonix wins $383m from former owner in court ruling

Viacom told to hand over withheld bonus payments.

Bob Marley hits coming to Rock Band?

VH1 claims Legend compilation on the way.

Jimi Hendrix Rock Band spin-off denied

Harmonix "in discussions" about his music.

MTV wants Rock Band bonuses back

Seeking refund on $150m paid to Harmonix.

Exploiting Rock Band Network "isn't easy"

Says company offering to do it for cash.

Rock Band Network beta begins today

Create, share, sell your own songs.

Rock Band library swells to 1000 songs

Plus: create-and-share Network in 2010.

Rock Band available on App Store

Has multiplayer. Costs six pounds.

U2 keen to appear in own Rock Band game

Impressed by The Beatles' efforts.

Rock Band coming to iPhone

Complete with licenced music.

Music games are "crap", says Bunnyman

Hopes players get "electrocuted".

Conchords Rock Band DLC confirmed

Definitely one to zero in on.

Flight of the Conchords for Rock Band?

Comedy duo enigmatically confirm.

PSN update: Smash Cars, Battle Tanks

Plus Buzz! Home space and loads of DLC.

Green Day signs for Rock Band

First batch in July. Exclusive.

Rock Band to get Iron Maiden pack

Can I Play With Madness? Not on hard.

PSN update: demos, DLC, more demos

inFamous! Marvel vs. Capcom! Red Gorillas!

Cards, balls, jewels in PSN refresher

Freebies the pick of the bunch.

Wolverine, Killzone head PSN update

Healthy pile of content to sift through.

PSN update: bundles of DLC on offer

Plus: Red Faction, UFC demos.

New prices are for old Rock Band kit

EA "working on" Euro RB2 instruments.

GHWT standalone drum kits coming

US in a fortnight, Europe "at a later date".

Battle-Cars head weekly PSN refresher

Plus LBP goodies, Mirror's Edge map.

F.E.A.R. 2 demo heads PS Store refresh

Plus plenty else to keep you busy too.

Nirvana bassist impressed by Rock Band

But he can't play his own song properly.

Still no SSFII Turbo HD Remix for PSN

Dead Space, Skate 2 demos instead.

No Rock Band 3 this year

Next game "maybe" to have keyboard.

Guitar Hero outsells Rock Band in US

But gap narrows as music games decline.

Rock Band: Country now, Pearl Jam soon

1991 classic Ten coming in March.

LBP costumes lead PSN update

Festive cupboards filled with goods.

No Doubt Singles album for Rock Band

"Don't Speak", "Hey Baby", "Just a Girl".

Nine songs for Rock Band this week

All going cheap, including one freebie.

Sony, Harmonix save early prototypes

Donate to National Videogame Archive.

The Killers for Rock Band today

Plus Lamb of God, Yngwie Malmsteen.

Dead Kennedys tracks hit Rock Band

Unleash your inner punk.

PSN update stuffed with new content

Games, LBP costumes, songs, Hasselhoff.

Rock Band creators get USD 300m bonus

For exceeding performance targets.

Rock Band Song Pack 2 detailed

Out this month in the US.

Foo Fighters album for Rock Band

"The Colour and the Shape" next week.

Fall Out Boy, Hinder for Rock Band

And those Presidents of the USA songs.

Rock Band dev doing Beatles game

Platforms TBC, out next Christmas.

Beatles songs licensed to Rock Band?

Press conference this afternoon.

Siouxsie headlines Rock Band update

Also: Blink-182, Silversun Pickups, more.

Third-party Wii guitars causing injuries

Batteries leaking and burning flesh.

Presidents of the USA songs for RB

Arriving early November. Peachy.

Country in Rock Band "sooner or later"

Not necessarily December, despite report.

Nirvana DLC for Rock Band this week

Most of Nevermind on offer.

MotorStorm and BIA demos on PSN

DLC for TW09, EoJ, other abbreviations.

Motley Crue album for Rock Band

Dr Feelgood out this week.

Offspring and others for Rock Band

"All Right Now" in there, too.

AC/DC live collection for Rock Band

To cost a whopping 30 quid.

Wii to get DLC for Rock Band 2

Plus: RB1 games disc-bound "indefinitely".

Fracture, Soulcalibur IV demos on PSN

Plus: NBA live demo and Rock Band songs.

Guitar Hero outselling Rock Band 6 to 1

So says man who sells Guitar Hero.

MTV making Rock Band 2 telly show

Wants groups with visual themes to star.

All That Remains songs for Rock Band

Three metal tracks for two quid.

EA cuts price of Rock Band in Europe

PS3, PS2, Wii versions out on Friday!

Harmonix denies confirming Nevermind

Says Nirvana album DLC was an example.

More full albums for Rock Band 2

Foo Fighters, Chili Peppers, No Doubt, etc.

"Rio" and "Girls on Film" for Rock Band

Plus tracks from Devo and The Janitors.

Roadrunner Records tracks for Rock Band

Six new reasons for neighbours to hate you.

More Nine Inch Nails for Rock Band

And a couple from Shinedown.

The Who frontman bored by Rock Band

Daltrey won't get fooled again.

New drum kits for Rock Band 2

New cymbal options promised.

Konami sues Harmonix and MTV

Claims Rock Band violates patents.

Chili Peppers and Rush for Rock Band

And Vesuvius, but it wouldn't fit.

Rock bands in talks to do music games

GNR! Eagles! The Halen! But not Led Zep.

Cheap tracks for Rock Band tomorrow

Motley Crue, Papa Roach, Trapt.

Beatles-themed game on the way?

Multimillion-dollar deal being discussed.

Pixies album for Rock Band next week

Yours for 1520 Microsoft Points.

More Rock Band 2 rumours emerge

Could be out as early as November.

Maximo Park DLC for Rock Band

Plus Jimmy Buffett and Disturbed.

Rock Band heading to Japan

Q Entertainment to help.

"Rock Band saved our marriage"

Heart-warming tale from a gaming widow.

Rock Band best for Motley Crue

DLC sales much higher than iTunes.

GAME struggles with Rock Band demand

Stocks low despite high price point.

Second Rock Band album next week

It's by seventies band The Cars.

Rock Band Wii to get bonus track disc

Coming to the US in July.

First Rock Band album this month

Judas Priest. Then The Cars and Pixies.

Motley Crue doing Rock Band single

Buys a boat, makes a video. reduces cost of Rock Band

First cut-price deals pop up.

Euro Rock Band songs to be like DLC

Available for your own set lists.

Rock Band man defends Euro price

"We're not trying to rip anybody off."

EA clarifies Rock Band pricing

It's not going to come cheap.

Rock Band gets official Euro date

Timed Xbox 360 exclusive.

Rock Band confirmed for Wii

No multiplayer or downloadable tracks.

Rock Band in-game shop launches

6 million DLC songs sold.

Euro Rock Band to get exclusive songs

Blur, Oasis, Die Toten Hosen.

Rock Band owes lots to Amplitude

Harmonix pays tribute to, er, itself.

Rock Band finally gets Grateful Dead

Six tracks. But still no albums.

Portal song heading to Rock Band

Elsewhere, Kim Swift says "Portal 2".

Matsuura wants custom Rock Band tracks

PaRappa creator after more than licenses.

Rock Band confirmed for Wii

Not coming to Europe before April.

Prog-rock DLC for Rock Band

Pumpkins, Rush, another one.

Oasis tracks released for Rock Band

But Country House still better.

Rock Band DLC a big success

More than 2.5m songs downloaded.

Rock Band to get Oasis content?

Yes, then no, says

US OXM gets Rock Band tracks

Bundled on coverdisk.

Acti wants RB compensation

For PS3 guitar compatibility.

EGTV: Eurogamer in Rock Band

Iiiiiiit's The Better Than Halos!

Rock Band guitar patch soon

Should support GH controllers.

Rock Band nets Metallica

New single could air in-game.

Rock Band gets someone evicted

Well, being noisy does.

Harmonix sorting PS3 problems

Rock Band dev says it's listening.

Bowie Rock Band tracks up

One original, two covers.

MTV on life after Rock Band

Time for something different.

Rock Band drums for PC

Clever man hacks it.

Fans cross with Rock Band PS3

Doesn't like GH3 Les Paul.

Rock Band content priced

Dated and detailed, too.

Rock Band bonus list shown

But EA UK not confirming it.

How Rock Band DLC works

Buy individually or in packs.

Rock Band to be in short supply

EA expecting big things.

Harmonix making new game

One without plastic guitars.

Rock Band gets track list

Five decades' worth.

Rock Band social website plan

Blogs, ads, band pages, more.

No Bluetooth for PS3 guitars

RedOctane, Harmonix improvise.

Rock Band 360 bundle wired

Wireless guitars sold separately.

GC: Euro Rock Band in 2008

Localised. On PS2. New tracks.

MTV splashing out on games

Around USD 500 million.

Rock Band date not set yet

EA stamps on 2008 rumours.

Activision questions Rock Band

Mainstream appeal under fire.

Rock Band gets Nevermind DLC

Full-length album download.

EA ignores Rock Band listings

USD 199 "pure speculation".

EA details Rock Band

Modes and more songs revealed.

Rock Band details emerge

Be the next Pugwall.

Rock Band will be affordable

Harmonix dismisses price cries.

Fender off with EA

Rock Band signs big guns.

EA quiet on Rock Band pricing

Can't confirm USD 300 rumour.