Rock Band 3 News

Surprise! Rock Band 3 gets new DLC

But what does it all mean?

Harmonix wins $383m from former owner in court ruling

Viacom told to hand over withheld bonus payments.

Harmonix developing "multiple new music games"

That aren't Dance Central, Rock Band.

Rock Band to see "fundamental reinterpretation"

Harmonix: "It isn't what you think."

Why music games aren't dead

New book predicts a healthy future.

Viacom sues Harmonix for $131m

Claims original merger was miscalculated.

Cheap Trick DLC for Rock Band

EMF's Unbelievable also incoming.

Harmonix: independence is "terrific"

Rock Band dev details flurry of activity.

Beastie Boys DLC for Rock Band 3

James Brown classic also added.

Ozzy DLC for Rock Band 3

Eight tracks available next week.

Foo Fighters DLC for Rock Band 3

Four tracks from Grohl and co next week.

No Rock Band 4 this year

But Foos, Gaga, Ozzy DLC incoming.

Culture Club, Faith No More for Rock Band

Next round of DLC confirmed.

Joy Division DLC for Rock Band 3

It's that or Grand Funk Railroad.

DragonForce DLC for Rock Band 3

'...Fire and Flames' gets Pro Guitar add-on.

Dance Central outsold Rock Band 3

Now commands largest Harmonix team.

Harmonix will "happily welcome" GH users

Rock Band dev hails fallen competitor.

Super Meat Boy tunes for Rock Band

Ludicrous difficulty confirmed.

Harmonix lays off staff

Rock Band dev cuts 12-15% of workforce.

New Rock Band 3 update detailed

Game-breaking eyebrow glitch fixed.

Bowie DLC for Rock Band 3

Get Ziggy with it.

Harmonix ditches Wii RBN support for RB3

"Limited demand" on Nintendo's console.

Paul McCartney hits Rock Band 3

Inhabited and Siouxsie and the Banshees.

Rock Band dev suing parent company

Harmonix sale turns sour with lawsuit.

Acti feels "nothing but love" for Harmonix

Plus, talks innovative future for Guitar Hero.

UK getting Rock Band 3 MIDI Pro-Adapter

Mad Catz knows of peripheral availability woe.

Rock Band 3 pause scoring exploit fixed

Title update addresses community complaints.

Rock Band Reloaded hits App Store

Rock-it in your pocket.

EA boss sees a future for music genre

Plus, clarifies Harmonix buy-out comments.

Will EA buy Rock Band dev Harmonix?

Would be like catching "a falling knife".

More DLC for Rock Band 3

Lynyrd Skynyrd gets Pro Guitar treatment.

NPD: Big debuts for Fallout, NBA 2K11

Strong US showing for Rock Band 3 too.

Harmonix: sale won't affect RB3 support

Plus, EA responds to buy-out rumours.

Viacom to sell Rock Band developer

UPDATE: Why Harmonix is up for sale.

Harmonix: Why Pro RB3 DLC costs more

"We don't want to raise stock DLC price."

All new Rock Band DLC only for RB3

Older generations left behind.

More charges for Rock Band 3 DLC

Re-buy old songs for keyboard/vocals.

Bon Jovi DLC storms Rock Band 3

Deftones, New Order also up for grabs.

Joy Ride demo skids onto XBL

Check out RB3 and Apache: Air Assault too.

Rock Band 3 niggles "solved"

Harmonix semibreves again.

Squier RB3 guitar dated, priced

Start saving your pennies.

Music genre not at "a dead end"

But brands face re-invention challenge.

Fable III atop of the UK chart

New: Star Wars! WWE! Sims 3! Rock Band!

Harmonix: People were waiting to buy RB3

Is that why Guitar Hero flopped?

Game of the Week

One louder.

Free The Doors songs for Rock Band 3

And this is how you get them.

Harmonix: Rock Band can go on and on

Plus, dev hints at Amplitude sequel.

Bon Jovi DLC for Rock Band 3

Harmonix: Prepare for "good hair envy".

Rock Band library to top 2000 tracks

Harmonix hits milestone this month.

Rock Band 3 Pro tracks to cost extra

Only the ones for the guitar, mind.

Exporting confirmed for Rock Band 3

Plus: Pro Mode songs could cost more.

Full Rock Band III track list unveiled

Includes Ozzy, Queen, Amy Winehouse.

Rest of Rock Band 3 setlist leaked?

John Lennon! James Brown! Beach Boys!

Rammstein and Bob Marley in Rock Band 3

Plus, exclusive new screens.

Rock Band 3 out globally in October

Updated with EA confirmation of UK date.

Rock Band designer quits Harmonix

Teasdale's off to Twisted Pixel.

Rock Band 3 has real guitar, Pro mode

Plus keyboards, seven-member bands.

Rock Band 3 will have vocal harmonies

Harmonix accidentally confirms plans.

Rock Band 3 out this autumn

Will "revolutionise" the genre, says dev.